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How to Thrive During the Menopause...

It is our mission to end the taboo and make menopausal misery history...

We want to change negative perceptions of the menopause and instead, focus on the many positives this transitional phase brings. For us the menopause represents transformation, growth, metamorphosis – with the right support and guidance, this can be a truly magnificent and magical period of our lives rather than something we have to struggle or suffer through.

For too long the menopause has been a taboo topic – viewed as a dreaded and difficult time when you ‘lose’ part of yourself, without any focus on how much we have to gain. Without proper support women have suffered in silence for many years, not knowing how to feel better or harness this incredibly powerful time in a positive way.

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    Otrera Aromatics is a safe space created for menopausal women, by a menopausal woman

    Otrera Aromatics has been specifically developed to celebrate, support and empower all women at all stages of life and share our achievements in a positive manner through a holistic, wellness-centred approach to menopause.

    Louise is a proudly menopausal women’s wellness warrior – dedicated to supporting and uplifting others to help them feel confident, energised and aligned with their true purpose and calling. She’s passionate about empowering and inspiring women to help them become the best version of themselves, arming with tools to enable them to be who they want to be and do the things they love.