Cortisol and the Menopause

Work can be stressful if we know we are going to be out of the office for a week or so and there is a pressure to catch up in time for the break.

The kids have broken up from school and seem to have more energy than ever before!

Then there is the last-minute Christmas shopping and food preparations, no one wants to spend Christmas in the kitchen especially if you are prone to the good old menopausal hot flush which feels like it’s going to last forever after the first glass of Bucks Fizz or Prosecco!

That’s all before we even consider our finances and how we will pay for it all.

It can also be a time of profound sadness when we reflect upon the friends, loved ones and relationships that we have lost. It can be a time when loneliness strikes deeply.

There is no wonder that our Cortisol levels start to rise, this can be made worse if we are menopausal as Cortisol rises naturally as Oestrogen declines. It’s no wonder that we somehow feel less resilient.

So what can we do about it? Consider:

  • Taking Ashwagandha, it’s a herb native to India and Southeast Asia. it is known to reduce Cortisol levels by a third. (Seek professional help if you have underlying health conditions).
  • Relaxation techniques help alleviate stress these can include: Breathing techniques Guided meditation and Yoga.
  • Foods such as bananas, garlic and dark chocolate can relieve stress.
  • Reduce caffeine consumption as the day goes by.
  • Having a pet can significantly reduce stress.
  • Laughter is very therapeutic.