In this episode, we talk with Ashley Costello. Ashley is a psychologist by background, Founder of the Resilient Kid consultancy practice. She is an author and TEDEX speaker.  We discuss her experience of endometriosis and how she managed her menopause with cold water swimming.   She explains what resilience is and the potential for suicide during […]

This is a two part episode as we speak with Dr Sue Smith. Sue is a GP and practitioner of integrated medicine. In this episode, we discuss the medical modal care and our expectations of our GP’s during menopause. We discussed red flags and when we need to see a doctor.

In this episode, we speak to Karen Kelly. Karen is a well-known podcaster with 2 successful podcasts: Bedtime Stories and Appetite for Life. She is also an Author, having written Lillian Whites Journeys Home ( Karen shares her journey through menopause and describes why she will be taking HRT for the rest of her life. 

For me, the menopause couldn’t come quickly enough. While it was a challenge, it signaled a new phase of my life, free from the monthly hormonal highs and lows that I had experienced every month for thirty years. All our journeys are different, I didn’t want to take HRT as I just simply wanted my […]